• Publish (v) to make something generally known
  • Publication (n) the action of making something generally known, or the work being made known
  • Publican (n) person who keeps a public house or tavern

Short Fictions, Flash Fictions & Memoir

Judith, and The Eighth Day and Not Lost or Drowned – published in Life on the Margins (Scottish Arts Trust, 2020)

Mac and Marky published in With One Eye on the Cows (Bath Flash Fiction Volume Four)

Spiders and Flies published in A Girl’s Guide to Fly Fishing (Reflex Fiction Volume Three)

Magnum, Jeroboam, Rehoboam, Methuselah – published in FISH Anthology 2019

Lucky – published in Unsafe Spaces by Earlyworks Press

Aint No Cure for My Fibbonacci Blues and Some Other Place published in The Real Jazz Baby (Reflex Fiction Volume Two)

The Quickening – published in Aesthetica Creative Writing 2019

ReadySalted – published in Brittle Star 42 2018


  • No e in Pornography
  • Ain’t No Cure for My Fibonacci Blues
  • Spiders and Lies
  • Spiders and Flies
  • Some Other Place
  • Quailfalcon’s Wife
  • The Wellbeloved
  • My Favourite Insect
  • The Lover and the Loved
  • Ronnie Boils an Egg

  • Solitary Creatures