About: (adv) around, towards, astir.

Contact: jupiter-jones@outlook.com

I grew up on the north-west coasts of Cumberland and Lancashire.  The first was wild and secretive, the second faded and jaded; I loved them both. As a child, I was a daydreamer and avid reader, keen on Moomins and Just So stories. I was dismayed to discover, that as an adult, there was little time for either. For a number of years, all time and energy were consumed by the ordinary demands of earning a living and raising a family.  Following a brief spell in London to complete a PhD in Spectatorial Embarrassment at Goldsmiths, I now live in Wales and divide my time between writing for pleasure and working as a short-order cook in a bikers’ caff.  My writing has been published by Aesthetica, Fish, Brittle Star, Earlyworks Press, and Reflex Flash Fiction.  I am the lucky* winner of the Colm Toíbín International Short Story Prize (2018) and Wild Words (2019), and Chiplitfest prize (2020), longlisted by Bridport, Retreat West, Bath Short Story, and rejected by many, many others. 

* My mother say’s it’s down to luck.