… think ink or paper caper?

Ronnie Boils an Egg

Another of my flash fictions is up on the brilliant Reflex Fiction website, longlisted in the quarterly competition His name escapes her. He said sex began in 1963, or ’67? The year is moot, but he was right, in a way, it didn’t exist before, before. What was his name? Some sort of librarian, from […]

The Death and Life of Mrs Parker

So EXCITING!!!    My Novella-in-Flash been shortlisted for the Bath 2021 Novella-in-Flash Award The Death and Life of Mrs Parker “A theory expounded by Heidegger is that time is a series of ‘nows’, each one always already the subject of a flash of experience, and all hurtling towards the finitude that defines experience.” When Mrs Parker […]

Reminiscing About Poodle Shit Helps to Pass the Time

Flash Fiction ‘You don’t often see white dog shit on the pavements nowadays,’ said June. ‘True,’ said her twin sister Barbara, rootling in her ear for incy-wincy-spiders; they’d been parked, in the shade beneath the elm.  Her own ear that is. ‘Was it poodles that shit those white ones?’ Barbara nearly peed her pants laughing.  […]

December 8th 1980

Forty years ago today, I was in Liverpool.  I was on an art foundation course at the Hugh Baird college in Bootle, on the outskirts of the city.  The art department had the whole of the seventh floor of the building.  I remember the lift was working that morning.  I remember the hydraulic whoosh as […]


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