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Five Books that could be Godparents of the Novella-in-Flash

Novella-in-Flash.  Obviously, a hybrid, a mash-up, a mongrel of a thing.  Flash fiction (or indeed flash non-fiction) is distilled to an essence, has the power of a compressed spring, punches above its weight – and so often borrows its power from somewhere or something else – it is a magpie form that helps itself to […]

The Death and Life of Mrs Parker

My novella-in-flash The Death and Life of Mrs Parker was published by Ad Hoc Fiction on September 10th.  “A theory expounded by Heidegger is that time is a series of ‘nows’, each one always already the subject of a flash of experience, and all hurtling towards the finitude that defines experience.” When Mrs Parker begins to feel […]

Writing Flash Fiction

Described as an iridescent insect, a reduction, an opening, a pearl spun around a piece of grit.  It could be based on fact, but it’s fictional – that’s in the name – but still, it might hurt like it’s true. Flash can be any genre it chooses.  It can dress up, dress down, dress to […]

Ronnie Boils an Egg

Another of my flash fictions is up on the brilliant Reflex Fiction website, longlisted in the quarterly competition His name escapes her. He said sex began in 1963, or ’67? The year is moot, but he was right, in a way, it didn’t exist before, before. What was his name? Some sort of librarian, from […]


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